Clouds As you have never seen them before

As kids we often looked at the clouds and saw strange and wonderful creatures floating in the blue. As adults we often marvel at the beautiful clouds that forecast good weather or bad. Colorado has some of the most magnificent cloud formations in the world because of the mountainous landscape. As a photographer I began taking pictures of the clouds, but that was only the beginning. I started applying colors to the different shades of black and white in the clouds, as well as, the blue sky. The display of the pictures shows the result. Endless patterns and colors. The color schemes are endless as are the patterns. If you have a color scheme you would like, vivid, pastels, earth tones, soft colors, monotones, complimentary colors, your choices are endless. I can create a color combination for you that compliments you decorating style and brings out the beauty of your space , be it home , office, or store.


unique nature photos